Warrant Arrests

On 09-08-17 the following have been arrested on outstanding Ogle County Warrants:

Jay Aguilar, age 50 of Rochelle for Criminal Trespass to Property. Aguilar posted the $1500 10% bond and was released. Aguilar will appear in court on 09-29-17 at 9:00.

Sheila Garren, age 31 of Profitstown for Failure to Appear ($828 Full Cash Bond) and Petition to Revoke ($1500 10%). Garren will appear in court on 09-11-17 at 9:00 am.

Kenneth Johnson, age 46 of Rockford for Failure to Appear. Johnson was issued a bond reduction of $30 and still remains in the Ogle County Jail. He will appear in court on 09-25-17 at 9:00 am.