Orders of Protection


Question:  How do I know if I should file a Domestic Violence Order of Protection, a Sexual Assault Civil No Contact Order or a Stalking No Contact Order?

Answer:  An individual seeking an Order of Protection has a “domestic relationship” with the person who abused them or the person they would like protected.  Domestic relationship includes family or household members who:

  • are related by blood, or by current or former marriage to the offender,
  • share or shared a common home with the offender,
  • have or allegedly have a child in common with the offender,
  • share or allegedly share a blood relationship to the offender through a child,
  • have or had a dating relationship or engagement with the offender or,
  • are high risk adults with disabilities abused by a family member or caregiver.

Sexual Assault Civil No Contact Order is for any person who is a victim of nonconsensual sexual conduct or sexual penetration.

Stalking No Contact Order is for any person who is the victim of a course of conduct that causes the victim to fear for his or her safety or the safety of another person, or to suffer emotional distress, and relief is not available to the victim through the Illinois Domestic Violence Act or through a Sexual Assault Civil No Contact Order.


Question:  How do I file an Order of Protection, Stalking No Contact Order or Civil No Contact Order?

Answer:  You may obtain paperwork by:

  • Calling HOPE of Ogle County at 815-562-8890; they can assist completing the paperwork.
  • Online at www.illinoislegalaid.org.
  • The Circuit Clerk’s Office.