Who is my State of Illinois District or Official?

State Board of Elections

Can I get someone else’s Birth Certificate?

No. You are entitled to certified copies of your own (if over 18 years of age) and your children’s. However, records over 75 years old are available for genealogy. For more information on Birth Certificates go to Ogle County Clerk.

Where do I get copies of my military discharge papers?

Ogle County Recorder’s Office at 815/732-1115 (photo I.D. required – no fee)

Where do I file an Economic Interest Statement?

The County Clerk’s Office located at the Courthouse, 105 S. 5th Street – Suite 104, Oregon, IL 61061

Where do I pay my Real Estate Taxes?

County Treasurer’s Office

Where can I register to vote or obtain Election information?

The County Clerk”s Office at 815/732-1110 or any township or city hall in Ogle County.

Where do I go for a building permit if I live in unincorporated Ogle County?

Ogle County Zoning Office

Where do I go for questions regarding zoning and subdivision information?

Ogle County Zoning Office 

What office do I call for GED information?

Regional Office of Education

Where do I get my driver’s license?

The Secretary of State’s Driver Facilities is located on W. Pines Road in Oregon or call 815/732-2492

I need information on services for physical, environmental or mental health. Where do I call?

The Ogle County Health Department at 815/732-3201

Where do I call for information on Public Aid?

Illinois Department of Public Aid 

Which office do I visit for information on liens, property ownership or names for corporations?

The Ogle County Recorder’s Office at 815/732-1115

Where do I call to get information about recycling opportunities or other Solid Waste Management issues?

Ogle County Solid Waste Department

Where do I find out about events at the Ogle County Fairgrounds?

Ogle County Fair Association

Where do I pay fines or inquire about a court date? 

Ogle County Circuit Clerk