GIS Website:

Create/Maintain over 50 layers (shapefiles/geodatabases) based on current county data.

Contract new color, high resolution, aerial photography every 3-5 years.

Emergency Services:

Create maps and map books for Fire Districts.

Maintain data in the 911 system.

Create maps for the Ogle County Hazard Mitigation Plan and other maps for the Emergency Management Agency.

Create maps for police departments with drug/sex offender buffers.


Create/Maintain zoning maps and address maps.

Locate and maintain utilities (fire hydrants, water shut-offs, manholes, catch basins) and signs .

Conservation District:

Create plat books.

Ogle County Cemeteries

GPS and/or plat cemeteries.

If you would like a specific cemetery gps’d, let us know and we will add it to our list. ┬áIf you have connections with a cemetery board or sexton encourage them to contact us.


Trails and items of interest in Ogle County parks.

Mooseheart Camp layout.

App for the Bike Ogle bicycling loops.


GPS and/or plat cemeteries.

Oregon High School Cross Country Trail

…and many more.

We are also available for contract work if you have a mapping or gps project.