Communicable Disease (CD) Program


To prevent and control the spread of infectious disease.

Services Provided

2017 Flu Clinic Schedule


Public Health Nurses hold regular clinics at our main office in Oregon, Illinois and our branch office in Rochelle, Illinois. All of the required childhood vaccines are provided, as well as, adult vaccines for Hepatitis B, Influenza and Pneumonia. These clinics are available to all Ogle County citizens.

International Travel Immunization

Winnebago County Health Department

Dekalb County Health Department

Investigation & Surveillance

There are over 60 infectious diseases in the State of Illinois which must be reported to the Local Health Department. If a resident of Ogle County sees a physician or is in the hospital, and is diagnosed with one of those diseases, it must be reported to the Ogle County Health Department. Nursing staff will then follow-up with those individuals. This investigation process involves the following activities:

  • Notifying any contacts of their potential exposure.
  • Instruct infected individuals and their contacts of symptoms to watch for, and when they should notify physician.
  • Administer antidotes if available.
  • Encourage proper medical care, provide information for treatment as needed.
  • Make referrals for care as needed.
  • Send written reports to the State.



OCHD Staff provide information in a variety of ways to individuals and groups.

  • Brochures for citizens who have questions or want to learn more about a disease.
  • Presentations as requested to worksites and organizations.
  • Informational sheets to camps, churches, park districts and recreational faciltites when there are potential outbreaks.
  • Press Releases/Radio spots when needed to inform the general public.
  • Inservices to local healthcare personnel.
  • Informational sheets about infectious disease to camps, day care centers, and church bible schools.
  • Letters to all physicians in Ogle County about┬árecent outbreaks.
  • Posters & informational sheets to park districts and camps.