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Farmers Market Registration “Cottage Food Industry” Regulations

To ensure that participants in farmers’ markets in Ogle County meet State rules and regulations and to protect public health and safety of citizens who purchase items at farmers’ markets in Ogle County the following will apply:

  • Any person selling food items, which meet Cottage Food Industry definition, at a farmer’s market in Ogle County will complete and submit a “Cottage Food Industry Registration” form to the Ogle County Health Department (OCHD). Completed registration from another County will be acceptable, but a copy must be provided to OCHD.
  • Participants will submit the required fee, as determined by the Board of Health,¬†along with the completed registration form.
  • Registration will be completed on an annual basis.
  • Participants interested in a farmer’s market will be given a copy of the “Technical Information Bulletin” published by the Illlinois Department of Public Health, Office of Health Protection, Division of Food, Drug and Dairies, when they request a “Cottage Food Industry Registration”.
  • Once an applicant has paid the fee and submitted the completed registration, he/she will receive a copy of the “Cottage Food Industry Registration” signed by an OCHD staff member and a “Disclaimer” form to display at their booth.
  • Cottage Food Industry registrants will abide by the policy as defined in the “Technical Information Bulletin”.
  • Ongoing inspections of these sites may not occur, unless a valid complaint is received, or there is a suspicion of a foodborne illness¬†outbreak.

Cottage Food Industry Registration Form

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