Temporary Food Permit

The fee for this license will be based on level of complexity for food preparation, which is determined by OCHD environmental staff. Awarding this Temporary Food and Drink License is also contingent on the following conditions:

  • All potentially hazardous food must be prepared onsite, unless prepared at a licensed facility and transported according to Code.
  • A free-flowing spigotted container of water with an on-off valve and a catch container, hand soap and disposable towels must be provided to properly wash hands.
  • Mechanical refrigeration capable of keeping all potentially hazardous foods at or below 41ºF must be provided.
  • Accurate and conspicuous thermometers are required in all refrigerators and freezers containing potentially hazardous foods. Metal stem-type thermometers and alcohol pads or sanitizer must be provided to monitor food temperatures.
  • Cooking equipment capable of rapidly heating potentially hazardous foods to proper temperature is required.
  • Steam tables, roasters or other hot-holding devices capable of handling all potentially hazardous foods at 135ºF or above is required.
  • A covered “wash, rinse and sanitize” set-up must be provided.
  • Dish soap, an approved sanitizer (bleach), and test strips must be available. In addition, a properly labeled spray bottle/bucket of sanitizing solution must be available.
  • Only single-service items may be used by customers, unless satisfactory arrangements have been approved in advance.

Temporary Food Permit License Application