General Facts

   2016 Annual Report

  • The Ogle County Health Department (OCHD) was established in 1966 by Resolution of the Ogle County Board. OCHD meets the Illinois Certified Local Health Department Code, and is a Certified Local Health Department. OCHD has also met the requirements for the Local Health Protection Grant, which is the primary funding grant from the State of Illinois for public health services.
  • OCHD is governed by an 11- member Board of Health appointed by the Ogle County Board. As defined by Illinois State Statute, board members must consist of at least two physicians and one dentist. All other members may come from any walk of life, but all are interviewed and appointed by the Ogle County Board.
  • In 1998, the Ogle County Tuberculosis(TB) Board was dissolved, and TB services were reestablished under the auspices of the Ogle County Health Department.
  • Funding and support for the operations of the Ogle County Health Department come from a variety of sources:
    • Illinois State grants
    • Federal grants
    • Medicaid
    • Tuberculosis Levy
    • Fees
    • Ogle County Board
  • The Ogle County Health Dept is responsible for enforcing many Federal and State Rules and Regulations, as well as Ogle County Ordinances governing public health and safety.
  • Ogle County Health Department Staff consist of Registered Nurses, Health Educators, Environmental Sanitarians and Inspectors, Social Worker, Secretaries, Bookkeeper, and Spanish Translator.