Health Education

The purpose of the Health Education Program is to keep the community informed of important health issues and available services, to provide educational programming and technical assistance, to develop promotional campaigns, to distribute information, and to make referrals as needed. The Director of Health Education assists administration in developing prevention programming and in locating and requesting additional grant funds for service provision. Staff in the Health Education program also directly provide services for key disease prevention initiatives offered to Ogle County citizens.

 Lab Draw Program

The Ogle County Health Department is offering a Lab Draw Program open to the Ogle County community.  The purpose of the Lab Draw Program is to assist individuals in being proactive in preventative screening, early detection, and /or monitoring of chronic disease.  All lab work requires a physician/medical provider order.  Results will be sent directly to your physician/medical provider’s office.  This program is open to any adult (18 years & older) and is designed to assist community members who have no insurance, insurance with a high deductible, or inadequate insurance coverage for lab testing.  The Lab Draw Program is provided at a substantially discounted rate therefore, cash payment is only accepted.

Clinic Location        Ogle County Health Department

                                    907 W. Pines Road

                                    Oregon, IL  61061

Available Tests & Costs

  • Complete Blood Count (CBC):  $35
  • Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP):  $35
  • Ferritin:  $35
  • Hemaglobin A1C:  $40
  • Hepatic Function Panel:  $40
  • Lipid Panel:  $35
  • Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA):  $40
  • Thyroid Panel:  $35
  • TSH (Thyroid Screening):  $35
  • T-3 Panel: $40
  • T-4 Panel $30-35
  • Other – Many other laboratory tests can be performed with a physician order.  Please call with specific tests you need that is not listed above.  Prices of blood tests ordered will vary in cost.

Contact      Please call (815) 562-6976 extension 301 or 299 for more information or to schedule an appointment.

Illinois Tobacco Free Communities (ITFC)
OCHD provides incentives and recognition to Ogle County food establishments which are smoke-free, offers counseling and smoking cessation assistance to women enrolled in our WIC program, offers materials, as well as, presentations on tobacco prevention activities to residents. Compiles data on prevention efforts in Ogle County, submitting quarterly reports to the State.

Ogle County Smoke Free Ordinance

“Mammograms Save Lives” License Plate Illinois Breast and Cervical Cancer Program (IBCCP)

Provides free mammograms to Ogle County women ages 50 to 64. (Some women under age 50 may qualify). Provides free pap smear and breast exams to women ages 35 to 64. A woman may qualify for these services if she is uninsured, is a resident of Ogle County and meets specific income guidelines.


“Mammograms Saves Lives” License PlateHIV/AIDS
Staff present or coordinate educational classes to schools, organizations, and healthcare institutions and distribute risk reduction supplies.

The Peoria Memorial Affiliate of the Susan B. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc offers grant dollars taken in through license plate fees in Illinois for projects in screening, early detection and education/outreach. Ogle County participates in this program annually, using the funds to run a “Latina Early Detection” project, striving to reach Latina women in Ogle County who have never had a mammogram, particularly those who have no insurance or who are uninsured.

Stroke Risk Scorecard

This scorecard will help you determine your personal risk of having a stroke. To review the scorecard click here.