Steps to take before you build

Rather than repairing or rebuilding well & septic systems that may not meet State and Local Health Codes, it is best to proceed as directed below:

  1. Contact a septic contractor licensed in Ogle County.
  2. Determine location of septic system.
  3. Soil borings completed by certified soil scientist.
  4. Contact an Illinois licensed well driller.
  5. Septic contractor will review soil boring results to determine feasability and type of septic system.
  6. A septic permit application must be submitted to OCHD, which will include a site plan drawn to scale and a floor plan of dwelling.
  7. OCHD must approve the permit. Once that is done, the Zoning Dept can issue a building permit. In Ogle County a building permit cannot be issued until a septic permit has been approved.
  8. The well driller must obtain a copy of the septic permit, and must also apply for a well permit.
  9. The well must be located at least 100 ft from any septic system. The well permit must also be approved by OCHD.
  10. OCHD staff must inspect all septic systems during installation. Staff will either approve the system or issue a stop work order until recommended corrections are completed. A stop work order will be issued if the system does not coincide with approved plans or if health codes are being violated.
  11. Once the septic system receives final approval a copy of the inspection must be submitted to the Zoning Dept for retrieval of an occupancy permit.
  12. Once the well has been drilled, a water sample must be submitted to determine if the water is safe to drink.

Once a homeowner or developer has secured a licensed contractor, that contractor will be responsible for following this process OCHD has listings available of certified soil scientists, septic contractors, and well drillers Homeowners have the legal right to install their own septic systems, but it is not recommended.