Nuisance Control

Ogle County Health Department staff respond to complaints and concerns within every program that we provide to the citizens of Ogle County. If we can correct a service error, improve a process or resolve a mistreatment, we will strive to do that for you within the boundaries of the rules and regulation we are charged to enforce.

General Health & Safety

The Nuisance Control Program is a broad area and covers a multitude of complaints and issues which could affect the health and safety of residents in Ogle County. Examples of topics which could be of concern are birds, rodents, insects which might carry disease, molds/mildew, radon/carbon monoxide poisoning, infestations, questions about toxicity of household chemicals.

Oftentimes we have limited legal authority over a particular problem, but we will do our best to provide information and direction, or refer people to a resource which could provide more expertise in resolution of an issue. OCHD staff collaborate closely with other Ogle County departments in dealing with complicated health and safety issues, such as Solid Waste, Zoning Administration, and Animal Control. We also confer with the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Agriculture, the Department of Children & Family Services, the Illinois Water Well Survey, the Soil & Water Conservation District, and our state and regional supervisors from the Illinois Department of Public Health, just to name a few. An excellent resource for information on hundreds of topics is the website of the Illinois Department of Public Health,

Housing Complaints

There are numerous circumstances which warrant investigation, ranging from simple situations such as tall grass, accumulated garbage, and unsightly exterior surfaces, to greater concerns of actual safety, such as lack of running water, unresponsive landlords or a situation so unsafe it warrants condemnation. Ogle County has a Public Health and Sanitation Ordinance, with a specific chapter on Nuisance Control. Within that ordinance Ogle County defines an unfit dwelling and sanitary standards for housing. Ogle County does not have a building code, therefore there is limited jurisdiction over structural issues in housing. Several municipalities in Ogle County do have their own building & nuisance codes. These codes take precedence over County ordinance, and if you have an issue within your community your initial step should be to contact your city.

Following a contact, OCHD staff will interview the person who has filed the original report, as able. Individuals filing a report should be willing to share their name and phone number for that reason. We make every effort to contact and interview residents and /or owners of a reported property. We may talk to neighbors and other family members. We will ascertain if there are past complaints of a similar nature, related violations or reported complaints involving other County Departments. We will make a site visit, recording observations and taking pictures. The presence of young children, disabled individuals, or frail elderly with no ability to protect themselves increases the risk of an unsafe environment, and is taken into consideration. Every effort is made to resolve a situation without proceeding to the Ogle County State’s Attorney’s Office. Therefore, each situation requires assessment and level of response based on its own merit and the extent of our legal jurisdiction.