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November 5, 2017 – Governor Rauner has declared a Harvest Emergency.  As a result of the declaration, Section 15-301(e-1) of the Illinois Vehicle Code (625 ILCS 5/15-301(e-1)) allows vehicles with a permit to exceed the maximum axle and gross weight limits by 10%.  In order to obtain a permit for travelling roads under the jurisdiction of Ogle County, please visit our Doing Business page to find an application.  Ogle County has structures rated at Legal Load Only that cannot be traversed under these permits.  Therefore, the application must include the specific route to be taken so we can analyze the route for suitability.  Multiple vehicles can be listed on the same permit.  A listing of roadways containing structures with load restrictions can be found below:

County Roads: Flagg, Milledgeville & Pecatonica
Township Roads: Bluff, Brush, East Line, Holcomb, Maple Grove & Pleasant Grove (added 11/7/17)

November 6, 2017 – County offices will be closed on Friday, November 10th.

November 22, 2017 – County offices will be closed on Thursday, November 23rd and Friday, November 24th for the Thanksgiving holiday.


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