Comprehensive Plan 2012 Update

Welcome to the Ogle County, Illinois Comprehensive Plan. This Comprehensive Plan is the center-piece of the community development planning process, stating our community’s development goals and outlining public policies for guiding future growth. It establishes an identifiable destination that allows both the governing body and private interests to plan and budget with an idea as to the direction the County may move in the future, and helps to ensure that future growth is not only anticipated, but planned for. The Plan functions as a practical guide to coordinate  day-to-day decisions so they make sense in the future.

Download Entire Comprehensive Plan (large document – 13.7 MB):

Ogle County Amendatory Comprehensive Plan – 2012 Update

Download Individual Comprehensive Plan Chapters:

Cover Page

Table of Contents and Introduction

CH 1 Issues and Opportunities

CH 2 Housing

CH 3 Transportation

CH 4 Utilities and Community Facilities

CH 5 Agriculture, Natural and Cultural Resources

CH 6 Economic Development

CH 7 Intergovernmental Cooperation

CH 8 Land Use

CH 9 Implementation

Appendix I: Public Planning Preference Survey

Appendix II: Maps

General Development Plan Map (updated May 17, 2016)

Geological Maps Not Included in Comprehensive Plan:

Ogle County Structural Geology Features

Ogle County Bedrock Geology

Ogle County Quaternary Geology

Ogle County Quaternary Deposits

Ogle County Drift Thickness and Bedrock Topography

Ogle County Moraines

Bedrock Geology of Grand Detour Quadrangle, Ogle and Lee Counties, Illinois