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Located in Rochelle, Focus House is an Ogle County (Illinois)-owned youth shelter-care facility operated by the Ogle County Probation Department. Established in 1975, Focus House provides 24-hour care services for adjudicated youth, including: residential care, on-site schooling and education, counseling, health care, leisure/recreation activities, and post-discharge (aftercare) services.

Our Mission

The mission of Focus House is to provide a safe, nurturing, and structured environment for youth. Through our commitment to children, youth will be given the opportunity to develop self worth, responsibility and respect — enabling them to successfully return to their families and communities.

The primary goal of Focus House is to return each child to his/her family, avoiding further — and more severe — court-mandated actions. The length of the placement is relative to the child’s progress and the stability of the family. Generally, placement may range from five to 18 months. During this time, the resident must meet goals in each of three components: counseling, school, and residential. In doing so, the child is promoted through a level system, allowing the child to earn more privileges, including eventual full-weekend home visits. Home-visit passes are closely monitored, with parents required to complete a written report after each home visit. Children are also required to submit to urine testing and breathalyzers, as needed, upon their return to Focus House. Finally, parents are encouraged to call Focus House at any time during home visits if they are experiencing problems or have concerns and/or questions.