Juvenile Mission Statement

The mission of the Juvenile Division of the Ogle County Probation Department is to supervise and maintain accountability for court ordered minors by providing structure, guidance, and support for the youth and their families.

Through our commitment to youth, each minor will be empowered by addressing individual needs in order to live productively and responsibly within the community.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What are the rules of reporting to my probation officer?

You must report on the day and time your probation officer tells you.  If you have any emergency or illness that prevents you from keeping your appointment, call and speak directly to your probation officer.

2.  What do I do if I am arrested while on probation?

If you are arrested, charged with any offense or have any police contact, contact your probation officer immediately.

3.  Who do I pay my fines, costs and/or restitution to?

Payments should be made to the Ogle County Probation Department.  Payments of cash, money order and cashier checks are accepted.  If paying by money order or cashier’s check, please make them payable to the Ogle County Circuit Clerk.  Please note that the Ogle County Circuit Clerks’ Office does not accept personal checks or credit/debit cards at this time.

4.  How do minors get placed in Focus House?

Please see the Focus House website (www.focushouse.net) under the Admissions/Referrals section.

5.  Is there a fee for a minor being placed at Focus House?

Yes.  The Court assesses a $50.00 per week fee for placement of minors placed in Focus House residing in Ogle County.  This fee can be re-evaluated due to financial hardship.  This fee can be paid in cash, money order, personal check or cashier’s check at the Ogle County Probation Department.  If being paid with other than cash, please make payments payable to the Ogle County Dependent Children’s Fund.

6.  How do I contact the public defender’s office in Ogle County?

Ogle County does not have a telephone number associated with the Judicial Center for the public defender’s office.  If you have been appointed a public defender, you must call the specific attorney at their private office.  A list of the four most often appointed attorneys is below:

Kathleen Isley – (815) 732-0351
Michael O’Brien – (815) 732-6124
Dennis Riley – (815) 732-7444

7.  Where do I get information regarding the Deferred Prosecution Program offered in Ogle County if I am charged with underage drinking?

You will need to contact the Ogle county State’s Attorney’s Office at (815) 732-1170.

8.  Where do I get information regarding the Ogle County Juvenile Justice Council?

The new Juvenile Justice Council website is currently being developed.  Please contact the Ogle County State’s Attorney’s Office at (815) 732-1170 for information regarding the Juvenile Justice Council.