Ogle County accepts electronic recordings from approved submitters from 9:00 a.m. thru 4:00 p.m..

We do not currently accept deeds through e-recording due to the transfer tax declaration that must be submitted with the document, and currently the State has not supplied us with that capability.

eRecording has several benefits including:

  • Less turnaround time; documents that are eRecorded are submitted safely over the internet, recorded and returned digitally that same day
  • Makes your company green! eRecordings mean savings in paper, time, and fuel
  • eRecording wins the “race to the courthouse” because eRecordings are seamlessly filed into the daily workflow
  • Cost savings in postage (including overnight shipping)
  • Fewer rejections and quicker corrections


Ogle County currently accepts eRecordings from 4 trusted eRecording partners:


eRecording Partners Network
CSC eRecording Solutions
 Indecomm Global Services