Recorder Fee Schedule

Recorder Fees



1 to 4 pages $50.00 plus
“Rental Housing Support Program Act” (All Land Related Docs) $10.00
Additional pages $1.00 per page
Documents referred to by Doc# or book & page/no legal $1.00
Additional Doc# reference within document $1.00 per reference
Additional Assignment of Mortgage within same Doc/per assignment $17.00
Mortgagee and Assignment of Mortgage on same Document $60.00









Documents dated after January 1, 1995 that do not conform to the following standards will be charged an additional fee. The additional fee is the same as the recording fee doubled ($50 X 2 = $100) minus $31.20 = $68.80 for 1 to 4 pages then $2 per page thereafter (plus $10) $78.80.


  1. All documents shall be 8 1/2″ x 11″ in size, not permanently bound and not in a continuous form. Graphic displays accompanying a document to be recorded that measure up to 11″ by 17″ shall be recorded without an additional fee.
  1. All documents shall be legibly printed in black ink, by hand, type, or computer. Signatures and dates may be in contrasting colors if they can be clearly reproduced.
  2. All documents shall be white paper of not less than 20 lb. weight, contain a clean margin of at least 1/2″ top, bottom and each side. Margins may be used for non-essential notations that will not affect the validity of the document, including by not limited to form numbers, page numbers and customer notations.
  3. The first page of each document shall contain a blank space measuring 3″ x 5″ from the upper right hand corner.
  4. No document shall have an attachment stapled or otherwise affixed to any page.

  Documents Filed under the PLAT ACT
(Download request form)

Plats of subdivisions & condominium plats
(minimum size 8 1/2″ x 14″ and maximum size 30″ x 36″)

1 Mylar and 5 copies (3  copies for plat within city limits) $77.00 plus
Rental Housing Support Program Act” (All Land Related Docs) $10.00
Additional Pages $1.00 per page
Plat of Survey (no more than  2 lots) 8 1/2″ x 14″ $50.00
Map/Plat of annexations, de-annexations & vacations $50.00


Financing Statements

$36.00 (UCC) Filing Fee

All Ag related UCC’s are filed with the Illinois Secretary of State, Effective July 1, 1999.

All Terminations $13.50
Search $10.00 per name/per address
Copy of UCC $1.00 per page

Self-Addressed & Stamped Envelope required with all documents to be returned (including UCC’s)