Health Works

Health Works of Northwest Illinois is a combined effort of the Illinois Department of Public Health, Children and Family Services and PublicAid. It is designed to serve foster children in the nine counties of northwestern Illinois, Boone, Carroll, DeKalb, Lee, Ogle, Stephenson, Whiteside and Winnebago. OCHD provides the services here in Ogle County.

You Should Know

  • Every foster child up to age 6 in Ogle County will be served by a medical case manager from OCHD, and will need a Primary Care Physician who is enrolled in the program. If your foster child does not have a HealthWorks enrolled physician, call 1-800-355-8909.
  • Each foster child will have a Primary Care Physician, a Comprehensive Health Evaluation, and will receive a Health Passport which stays with the child. Children 5 and older will also need a Mental Health Screening.
  • Children 6 and older who are new to DCFS custody will have a medical case manager at the Winnebago County Health Department for the first 45 days of custody.

Initial Health Screening
This is a required physical exam before a child is place into foster care. It will identify immediate health care needs, and provide medical information to help in determining the right placement.

Comprehensive Health Evaluation
This physical exam is required to enroll the child into the HealthWorks program. It is performed within 21 days after the initial screening. Children 5 and older will also have a Mental Health Screening.

Medical Case Management.
The medical case manager from OCHD will monitor the health care needs of all foster children 6 and under to ensure that their need are being met.

Health Passport

This is a booklet which contains a summary of each foster child’s available medical history.

It must be taken to each child’s physician visit. It should remain with the child if moved to a new home. The medical case manager will mail the passport to the foster parent.