Judge Further Restricts Access

Chief Judge, Robert T. Hanson, further restricts public access to Ogle County Judicial Center.
In furtherance of the authority mentioned in immediate past Administrative Orders and Press Release from the undersigned concerning COVID-19 and for the reasons mention therein, along with the pronouncement by Governor Pritzker on March 20, 2020, said prior Orders and Release are hereby supplemented, and to the extent inconsistent herewith and are superseded as follows:
It is expected that no member of the public will be allowed in the Ogle County Judicial Center the weeks of March 23, 2020 or March 30, 2020, absent specific order from the judiciary. Members of essential court staff (e.g. reduced numbers of judges, clerks, state's attorney staff, security, court reporters and the like) may still appear during this time to conduct essential court/government business. In addition, routine or complex (absent jury trials) matters may still be heard remotely by phone or video conference per prior Administrative Orders and the presiding judge's approval. Attorneys and their clients will be allowed for all scheduled essential emergency criminal or civil proceedings.
If you believe you have an emergency hearing in your case contact your attorney or phone the Ogle County Circuit Clerk at 815-732-1140 or e-mail and explain the emergency basis. The request will be immediately reviewed by a judge and a determination will be made as to the request and if granted the date, time and manner in which the hearing will be held.
If you need to file any court related documents during this time you may do so by the mandatory e-filing process or request assistance from the Circuit Clerk.
The Ogle County Judiciary remains committed to the official administration of justice during these difficult times and appreciate everyone's cooperation. 
This order may be supplemented as developments occur. 
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